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Unlimited keyword suggessions with metrics in seconds

A Complete Niche Marketing & SEO Tool Suite

Create superb content around the keywords audiences actually want vs what you think they want.

Unlimited keywords in seconds

With MayoNiche’s powerful Keyword Suggestions tools you’re just a click away from generating bucket loads of keyword suggestions for any niche, micro niche, or broad term.

Keyword Ideas

Google & Bing Search Volumes

It’s not just a random list of keywords but you also get to see the monthly search volumes from the world’s two search engine giants Google and Bing. No other tool presents these metrics on a single screen.


Monthly Search Trend Graph

The monthly search trend graph gives you a clear picture of whether or not you even need to click further to explore more details. Understand the user search intent each month for any location or language in the world.

Keyword explorer

Search Difficulty Score

The most important and often ignored indicator “Search Difficulty” score is presented in a very easy-to-understand manner. Crush your competition by analyzing their weak points and tweaking what’s already working for them.

paid difficulty

Discover the most profitable keywords in your niche

Are you running paid ads to get traffic to your site? That’s cool, MayoNiche will present you with the “Paid Difficulty” score, CPC data, etc. Target those low competition keywords for your ads to get even more traffic and potential prospects.

Keyword Ideas
Keyword Ideas

Discover and register the ecact match domains in your niche

Check the availability of the exact match domains with just a single click. Register the potential domain name at your favorite domain registrar and grab them before anyone else does.