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Outperform, Outrank and Outmatch Your Competition

The "Intent-Focused" Niche Research & SEO tool suite that generates thousands of niche ideas, micro niche ideas and bucket loads of keyword ideas in seconds!
Keyword explorer
Micro Niches
Intent-Focused Research

Start by your "research goal"

MayoNiche allows you to kick off your search campaigns by your “research goal” – like niche, micro niche, keywords, domains, SERPs, questions and more.

Gain insights into what kind of campaigns you need to set up to maximize your opportunities to engage with your audience.


Learn every itsy-bitsy detail of your competition!

Get a bird’s eye view (literally) on everything that’s happening around your niche ideas, keywords, competition, rankings and domains. 

Get every statistic imaginable with MayoNiche’s intuitive screens and find out exactly what’s working and what’s not.

Google Trends
Real-Time Analysis data

Identify the pain-points in your niche

As the internet is changing every minute, outdated data is not an option anymore. 

Get real-time and updated data every single day. 

You’re just a click away to identify the pain points in your niche and offering the solutions.

Ease Of Use

Ustilize the power of data with maximum efficiency

You don’t have to be a data scientist to utilize the data with MayoNiche. 

Save a tons of time so that you can focus on the main thing – growing your business.


State-of-the-Art SEO Tools

MayoNiche is the most sophisticated SEO tool that leverages the full power of Google parameters to aid through searching using all the filters you will ever need.

Realtime Analytics

The sophisticated analytics give you super useful data. From suggestions to trends to domains, everything on your screen is presented with a real-time data.

Location Intelligence

From top countries to the smallest town in the world - we've covered everything for you. Use our location filters to organize your area-specific searches.

Data Tailored For Your Needs

Just focus on what is important and get suggestions tailored for your business needs. No more boring or irrelevant data.

Powerful Data Engine

Super powerful data engine under the hood trained on millions of keywords to identify keyword intent. New ideas are added frequently in our system to cover different use-cases with maximum accuracy.

Value For Money

MayoNiche costs less than a cup of coffee per day. It offers the most unique and powerful SEO tools at the fraction of other tools' costs in the market.